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Breakfast Menu

Welcome to Breakfast at THE RACK

Served Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am - Noon

We locally source ingredients to give you the freshest of the farms from Oxnard, Ventura and Santa Maria amongst other California locals. We only use the freshest egg products as well as fresh squeezed and juiced fruits. Choose from a selection of the world’s finest coffees that we will grind fresh to orderand serve it to you in a French Press for your ultimate coffee experience. As a starter, try our $9 MANMOSA (super sized Mimosa) 16 oz. of Champagne served with a splash of fresh squeezed Orange Juice or try our famous house made ground horseradish spiced V8 Bloody Mary $9.

All Pancake and French Toast dishes are served with your choice of our signature blueberry maple syrup, bourbon cream, maple syrup, sugar free syrup or whipped cream. Add 1.00 for Agave syrup

THE RACK Special German Style Pancake 11.95

One pancake served with your choice of; bananas and slivered coconut, fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries or fresh sliced Granny Smith apples, sautéed in a skillet with our house pancake mix on the stovetop till bubbly, then into in the oven to bake. It comes out caramelized on top and bottom yet light and fluffy in the middle. No syrup is necessary but is available upon request. (Please allow 15 minutes for this masterpiece).

Multi Grain Pancakes Short Stack (2) 8.95 Full Stack (3) 9.95

Malted barley flour, quinoa, barley flakes, ground flax seed, toasted amaranth, non fat milk, rye flakes, sesame seeds and pecans. Add bananas, fresh blueberries or strawberriesfor 2.00

Buttermilk Pancakes Short Stack (2) 7.95 Full Stack (3) 8.95

Add pecans or chocolate chips to the batter for 2.00. Add fresh bananas, blueberries or strawberries for 2.00

The Racks’ Famous Bread Pudding French Toast 10.95

Made of our famous cinnamon, apple walnut bread pudding with fresh caramelized granny smith apples, Madagascar cinnamon, and walnuts.

French Toast 10.95

Thick egg bread battered, grilled to perfection and topped with banana slices, powdered sugar, toasted almond slivers, and sprinkled with toasted coconut.

Smoked Salmon Plate 14.95

Hand sliced belly Lox drizzled with a touch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, capers, tomatoes, thin sliced red onion, cream cheese and a bagel.

Breakfast Folder 12.95

Our classic mac ‘n cheese griddled and folded and stuffed with 2 eggs any style and two grilled classic chorizo patties with sour cream and salsa.


Steel Cut Oatmeal 7.95

Irish steel cut oatmeal served with brown sugar and raisins on the side. Top it off with fresh blueberries, banana, fresh strawberries or seasonal fresh fruit for 2.00

Brew your own 32 oz. fresh French Press Coffee

Select from one of three organically grown THE RACK selected coffees, we will grind it fresh to order and deliver it to your table in a 32oz. French press for your ultimate coffee experience (give it a minute before you press). 5.95*


Three Amigos 11.95

Three freshly made crisp corn cakes, each topped with fresh cooked black beans, salsa fresca, fried egg, Canadian bacon, and a slice of avocado. Sprinkled with diced red onion and cilantro.

Huevos Rancheros 11.95

Two crispy corn tortillas topped with The Racks special ranchero sauce, two eggs sunny side up, topped with cheese and avocado. Served with black beans and fresh tortilla chips.

Behind the 8 Ball Burrito 11.95

Two farm fresh scrambled eggs, black beans, your choice of bacon, Canadian bacon, turkey, ham, pulled chicken, pulled pork, sausage or veggies and The Rack potatoes stuffed into a flour tortilla and topped with salsa, cheese and a slice of avocado.

Jose's Gordita (an original) 12.95

Two eggs any style placed inside 2 gridded jack and cheddar corn cakes, two grilled classic chorizo patties, lettuce and topped with guacamole and creme fresh on a bed of scratch baked black beans.


All eggs are locally sourced, farm fresh and served with The Rack Potatoes as well as your choice of egg bread,sourdough or whole wheat toast, 2 buttermilk pancakes* or a bagel* (ask your server for the bagel selection). Substitute egg whites for 1.50. *add 1.00 Substitute 3 slices of tomatoes for The Rack Potatoes for 1.50.

The Morning Rack 10.95

Two eggs any style, two strips of apple-wood smoked bacon, pork sausage link or turkey sausage patty.

Egg Scramble 10.95

Three egg scramble with zucchini, scallions, diced tomatoes and mushrooms.

Veggie Herb Scramble 10.95

Three egg scramble with fresh basil, scallions, parsley, topped with fresh cut tomatoes.

Fresh Spinach, Mushroom and Cheese Omelet 11.95

Three egg omelet stuffed with fresh spinach, feta cheese, sautéed mushrooms and topped with Swiss cheese.

Mediterranean Omelet 11.95

Three egg omelet with feta cheese, fresh diced tomatoes, kalamata olives and basil.

LEO (Lox, Eggs and Onions) 12.95

Three egg omelet with hand sliced smoked belly lox and grilled onions. Served with a side of kalamata olives.

Turkey Veggie Omelet 12.95

Three egg omelet with fresh roasted turkey breast, roasted zucchini, onions and diced tomatoes.

The Rack All Meat Chili Omelet 12.95

Three egg omelet, loaded with The Rack’s “award winning” scratch made, all meat chili and cheese. *Make it a Mac N Cheese Folder (ask your server) add 2.00

Spicy Meat Lovers Omelet 12.95

Three egg omelet filled with apple-wood smoked bacon, pork sausage, freshly roasted jalapeños and topped with pepper-jack cheese.

The B.Y.O. (build your own) 9.95

Start with a three egg omelet and choose any combination of the following; Spinach, mushrooms, black olives, jalapeños, diced tomatoes, basil, bell peppers, grilled or fresh chopped onion or black beans for 1.25 ea. Avocado 1.75 Feta, bleu, Swiss, cheddar, pepper-jack or American cheese for 1.50 ea. Pork sausage, chorizo, apple-wood smoked bacon or Canadian bacon for 2.00 ea.


  • Fruit plate of sliced banana, strawberries or blueberries 4.00
  • Single egg, any style 2.50
  • Bagel and cream cheese 3.50
  • Toast or Bagel and butter 2.50
  • Slice of hand sliced smoked salmon 4.50
  • THE RACK special potatoes 3.50
  • Apple-wood smoked bacon (three strips) 3.50
  • Pork Sausage (three links) 3.50
  • Chorizo (three patties) 3.95
  • Turkey Sausage (three patties) 3.50
  • Add cheese 1.00


  • Fresh Brewed Coffee 2.95
  • French Press Coffee 5.95*
  • Iced Coffee 2.95
  • Hot Chocolate 2.75
  • Iced Tea 2.95
  • Herbal selection of exotic Teas 2.95


  • Fresh orange juice 7oz. 2.95 12oz. 3.95
  • Apple, grapefruit, or cranberry juice 2.75
  • Whole or 2% Milk 2.50


Served with your choice of the following Champagnes and all the orange or grapefruit juice you can drink;

  • Korbel Split 8.00
  • Chandon Split 11.00
  • 750ml Korbel Bottle 40.00